For a dream to turn into a memory, it requires extraordinary intrinsic work and a passion that is entirely devoted to it. And if this dream is taking place in the middle of magnificent mountain landscapes, then ENDUROKIN opens up to you like a toolbox, ready to do anything to make your eyes light up again.

Our primary goal is and will always be to help accomplish your endurance projects through kinesiology services and tools. Below are listed both project types and services offered here at ENDUROKIN.


Despite most beliefs, strength training has been scientifically proven to be essential for sports performance. It improves your form, increases stability, and prevents injuries. ENDUROKIN provides personalized training plans depending on your goals and especially what's available around you. Contact us for fitness assessment, training programs, and individualized follow-ups.


At ENDUROKIN, we specialize in endurance training. This means long, strenuous, and quads-burning kind of training. We use COROS Training Hub to monitor your training remotely and adjust workouts in order to constantly progress towards your goal without taking the bumpy gravel roads. Endurance training is available remotely, and so contact us for further details and to get you going on your endurance adventures!


Any project has its share of logistics, and as the main character in this story, your life is often at stake. With a strong background in exercise physiology, ENDUROKIN aims to dig into the less-common aspects of any project preparation known as external and internal load- thermoregulation, muscle fatigue, cardiac response, to name a few. We seek to guide your project preparation in a personalized way so your body is best suited for any physiological stress your project may throw at you. Again, physiology training is available remotely, and so contact us for further details and get your full physiological review to help you best prepare for your adventure!


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